Power to Live Sexually Pure (15 set)


Recorded live inWichita,KSin a classroom of believers willing to dig into the more difficult aspects of sexuality (especially homosexual brokenness), and the healing of the soul.

  1. "Instant Healing" Stories
  2. Ancient Sexuality
  3. Like the Days of Noah A
  4. Like the Days of Noah B
  5. Like the Days of Noah C, The Incarnate Word
  6. Masturbation and Anxiety A
  7. Masturbation and Anxiety B
  8. Crisis in Masculinity A
  9. Crisis in Masculinity B
  10. Fantasy and Pornography A
  11. Fantasy and Pornography B
  12. From Lust to Purity A
  13. From Lust to Purity B
  14. Struggle into Friendships A
  15. Struggle into Friendships B, Power to Become