Inner Healing: The Work of the Cross (12 set)


Many misunderstand the concept of "inner healing" as if it were some form of New Age mental trip. When understood correctly, it is the power of the Cross to bring to death all in us that would kill us. A fine introduction to the study of healing sexual and relational issues. Recorded live in Great Britain.

  1. Fall of Western Civilization
  2. Therapy, Healing, and the Cross
  3. Effects of the Fall of Man
  4. When a Man Walks Beside Himself #1
  5. When a Man Walks Beside Himself #2
  6. Love Needs and Sexuality
  7. Dysfunctional Families
  8. Healing the Imagination #1
  9. Healing the Imagination #2
  10. Barriers to Healing
  11. The Healing of Memories 
  12. Listening Prayer