In the Last Days: Overview of the Vital Issues We Face (12 set)


Are miracles always from God? Does the supernatural always prove a ministry? Is it possible that a society can be so deceived that it can no longer hear truth at all? If so, what are we to do to bring Kingdom life? This study is especially pertinent in the face of current miracle ministries and sexual license among ministers. A comprehensive study of the end times before the return of Jesus Christ.

  1. Are You Watching?
  2. Discerning Mixtures
  3. Mixed Ministries
  4. Mixed Movements
  5. Days of Lot and Noah
  6. Caught in the "Web"
  7. That Hideous Strength
  8. Israel and the Fourth Reich
  9. The Antichrist Spirit
  10. Centers of Spiritual Power
  11. The Power of Hope
  12. Standing Firm to the End