Communication with God: Learning How to Pray (12 set)


If prayer is so simple why does it seem so hard? If it makes little difference why is there such invisible pressure against you when you try to pray? Prayer is the greatest adventure once it becomes part of your everyday life.

  1. Communication Before the Fall
  2. Introspection: Killer of Prayer
  3. Healing Introspection
  4. Purpose of Prayer: Restored Relationships
  5. Purpose of Prayer: Training for Rulership 
  6. Purpose of Prayer: To Change Things
  7. Kinds of Prayer: Praise
  8. Kinds of Prayer: Petition
  9. Kinds of Prayer: Commitment
  10. Kinds of Prayer: Intercession
  11. Kinds of Prayer: Binding and Loosing
  12. More on Binding and Loosing