Biblical Psychology (12 set)


The church in the West has slowly cut itself off from the heart and has become merely cerebral. The results are people full of information about God in their minds, while their hearts are starving for a reality they don't know how to embrace. Sadly many don't even know there is anything missing because they live only from the neck up. This study deals with how the Holy Spirit through the Word of God cleanses the imagination, informs the soul, and maintains a healthy balance of head and heart. There is also a lecture on dreams and the dangers of Jung's thought.

  1. The Power of the Mind
  2. The Function of Images
  3. Man and Symbols: Good and Bad
  4. The Deep Heart
  5. Schism Between Heart and Mind
  6. The True Imagination
  7. The Power of Scripture on the Mind
  8. Power of Literary Images
  9. Attacks on the Deep Heart
  10. Dream Interpretation
  11. The Dangers of Jungianism
  12. Conclusion